If you want to done Zen’s Relaxed Story to check out An excellent Conclude you ought to discover the responses you to a striking

As a superstar

I realized he is end up being best since the my child.(*Zen) I’d like to see their activities real time 1 day. (Zen + Jaehee)

I do believe you worry extreme regarding Zen. (*Zen + Jaheee Crack) I really hope that which you happens really getting Zen. I’m fully help him. (Jaehee + Zen)

Grasp away from purchases

Thus, a burger is finished when the lettuce, meat, and sauce come together and dance. (707) I have no idea what you’re saying. (<<)

Ought not to Zen focus much more about functions although? (*Zen) He is good-looking, but they are even match… Very unbelievable. (Zen + Alt Solutions)

Good-looking me personally

You have natural talent and amazing looks… and plus you try hard. You’ll succeed for sure. (<<) So what if you're good looking? You don't even have a girlfriend.

I think the guy only designed you should stop bragging. (*Zen) Could you be very coming here tend to to talk to me personally? (Zen)

Value of charm

In my opinion Zen is the greatest actor. They are handsome and he actually works difficult. (Zen) Zen is a bit… an excessive amount of. (*Jumin) I do believe Zen is so handsome. He must be off another planet. (Zen)

I really don’t think he could be one to handsome. (Zen) There is absolutely no doubt concerning undeniable fact that his looks produce jealousy. (Zen) I am worried someone else may wish Zen on their own.(*Zen)

However, I enjoy visual appearance. Even if that is not everything. (Zen) I believe money is more valuable than just charm. (*Jumin + Zen)

Jumin, that you don’t eg girls? (*Yoosung) Anyways, Zen is perfect externally as well as on the inside. So actually he prime? (Zen)

I don’t consider Zen is dumb whatsoever! (Zen) I really don’t really like people that present sometimes. (*Jumin) Zen’s not merely attractive on the exterior, thus i never proper care. (Zen)

Don’t you have to go to work now? (<<) I'd like to see more photos of you, Jumin... (*Jumin + Alt Selection)

Got new role!

You are not about to show off once more, are you currently? (Zen + Alt Options 2) You then become an excellent talking to me personally, correct? ^^ (*. ) As to the reasons, performed some thing an excellent occurs?! (Zen)

…I’m alarmed she could struck on you. (*Zen) I am some time jealous however, I hope what you goes better to have you! (Zen)

Obviously! Good luck! (Zen) You get to operate having a hollywood now… You will not worry about me personally any further. (*Zen)

Mirror lady? OMG

I feel like you’re making a big fuss… I won’t be happy with just an autograph. I want his everything! >.< (*Zen) I should get his autograph too ^^ (Zen)

Jumin’s offer

Not believe it’s an awful idea having Zen doing an use an artist…? (*Zen + Jumin) Did you discover Zen’s new part? Compliment him

Zen’s autograph was indispensable… ^^ (Zen) In my opinion every person’s and make an excessive amount of a publicity. (*Zen) Was Echo Lady one to greatest? Zen have to be excellent… (Zen)

. I am worried Reflect Girl will get ideas having Zen. (*Zen) Is it possible you thought she will let Zen have more popular? (Zen)

I think Jumin is harsh to the Zen. (Zen) I think Jaehee was hitting to the Zen excess…;; (*)

You should have our very own Zen market something which however such as for instance…;; A pet food commercial? (*Zen) In my opinion which is wise. He should grab all the possibility he becomes. I don’t envision Zen will love you to definitely… (Zen)

Your appear to like kitties, Seven. (707) Maybe for individuals who dress up because Jaehee, they let you for the? (707) You should most enjoy their pet, Jumin.


Zen, I’m here. The pet dinner industrial… Could you be commonly to do it? (*Zen) What are you doing with Jaehee!? (Zen)

Very terrible out of him in order to mess with you!! (Zen) I think it is a beneficial suggestion. You will want to contemplate it. You will want to capture all of the opportunity you earn. (*Zen) Do not bring it therefore negatively

Attempt to avoid your, Jaehee lolol (Zen) If it’s towards the team i then guess there’s nothing you will do. (*Zen + Jumin)

I believe Zen does not want for the task for personal reasons. (Zen) He could be an expert, very however said sure if he could. (*Zen)

I don’t think it issues which Zen serves that have so long since they’re talented. (Zen) I do not think it is advisable both. Performing Jumin’s commercial was much more beneficial. (*Zen)

I’m simply carrying out the thing i feel. Thanks for bringing they like that. (*Zen) Jaehee, it appears to be as if you may be jealous. (Zen)

Many thanks for worrying all about Zen, Jaehee. However, we shall take care of it to the our personal. (Zen+Jaehee) Really don’t believe your trust me, Jaehee. (*Zen)

I will protect the country

Alternatives step 1 I wish to sneak a peek Zen exercise. (Zen) I do not consider Jaehee loves myself. Hiya, bookofmatches profile examples Yoosung. (*Yoosung)

I’m sure you both try really hard but the result…. (Yoosung) Why don’t you try something more constructive than playing games? haha (<<)

That would be genuine to possess Zen, but I really don’t getting things. (*Zen) I adore one to Zen is really nice in my opinion ^^ (Zen)

Jaehee’s just becoming envious away from me personally. (Zen) I do believe Jaehee should be mindful from me personally while the this woman is their enthusiast. I’m sure she mode no harm. (Zen)

Zen against Jumin

Zen… you like to take in? Then try taking faster for your health? (*Zen) Things are forgiven when you have apperance, so it does not matter. lol (Zen) Really don’t enjoy that photos.

I really don’t think Zen is very professional. (*Zen + Jumin) If Zen states the guy will not want it, the guy cannot adore it

You are best, however, why-not think their sensitivity a tad bit more? ^^ (Zen) Really don’t envision Zen possess anything to get rid of from the maybe not delivering your opportunity, Jumin. (Zen) I think Zen’s pride is a significant disease. (*Zen)

Jumin… you will be really pretty sure lol Is not that the latest emotions you really need to just take if you’d like to throw an excellent star? (Zen) I do believe Zen does not have earned to-be working that have a personality that way. (*Zen+Jumin)

I’m privately of pets

Jumin and Zen… Isn’t here anyway so they can get on? (Zen) In my opinion Zen is being sometime emotional (*Zen) Who may have front do you really take? I know you’re going to be towards the Zen’s edge of way. (Zen)

Upcoming generally you are on Jumin’s front side! lolol (*Zen) I am sort of sick and tired of these are kittens… Must not your getting cheering to own Zen? (Zen)

I really don’t this way Jumin features messing with Zen They are sensitive… (Zen) Zen’s a party pooper so i doubt they. (*Zen)